Eastman Kodak
Lenticular POP display

GlaxoSmithKline Migrating to QIC
Interactive DigiPAK design

Bob Vila TV Show
4 Disc DVD Box-set

E.S. Robbins Corporation

Injection Molded Sippy Cup

ABCO POP Display Rack
Landoll's Publishing Spinner Unit Display

E.S. Robbins Corporation
Gerber Tub Toy Bucket

E.S. Robbins Corporation
Rosarita Family Pack Design

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Package form means as much as the design on it. Consumer packaging serves to contain and communicate. A product's "packaging mix" is the result of several requirements that determine how a package accomplishes those two basic functions. Robert D. Hisrich identified eight major package requirements that dictate the mix. A package must: protect the product, be adaptable to production-line speeds, promote or sell the item, increase the product's density, help the consumer use the product, provide reusable value to the user, satisfy legal requirements, and keep packaging-related expenses low.

> Printing: offset printing, digital printing, pad printing, screen printing, in mold, etc
> Packaging: paper, plastics, etc
> Blow molding, injection molding, thermaforming
> Specialty printing techniques include: stereo imagery techniques, lenticular, anoglyph

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Currently, Simmons Studio is a Freelance based business operating since 2002 in the Boston Area. Owner, Trey Simmons, started an ad agency (Studio Z) in 1994 in Alabama designing 3D and print which evolved into web and interactive design. In 2000, Trey sold the ad agency and relocated to Chicago and began working as a web consultant for Viant. He served as Lead Creative which allowed him to work on and launch the Sears/BobVila.com web site business incubation in Boston, MA.

Since 2000, Trey has been working at BobVila.com as Creative Director and running a successful freelance business which operates as a complete ad agency.

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