Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Alabama: "Headquarters" & "Face Off"
Traveling exhibit kiosk design. Flash, Action Script, Voice Over, Design and Rendering Paint Designer Pro
Online flash paint visualization tool utilizing Weatherbest® Paint Promotion Content Module's index page content module design and business rules.

Tommy MacDonald (aka T-Chisel)
Rough Cut Show Video Player (encoding, Custom CMS tool to publish Video Player GUI
Video player using EveryZing™ player and CMS system Design Calculators
Javascript calculation and estimation tools

Bob Vila TV Show
4 Disc DVD Box-set

Scroll samples. Interactive smaples coming soon.

Interactive Design

To interact with a design is an experience and the key to creating a good user experience is the ability to captivate the user with engaging elements and the ease in which you can use this design. Simmons Studio follows 6 steps for successful interactive design.

> Understand the characteristics of the platform it will be delivered on
> Develop a focused design solution
> Only provide features appropriate to the solution and do them at a high level of finish
> Make the experience consistent
> Make it unique
> Keep it simple

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Trey Simmons
Boston, MA
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Brief Overview

Currently, Simmons Studio is a Freelance based business operating since 2002 in the Boston Area. Owner, Trey Simmons, started an ad agency (Studio Z) in 1994 in Alabama designing 3D and print which evolved into web and interactive design. In 2000, Trey sold the ad agency and relocated to Chicago and began working as a web consultant for Viant. He served as Lead Creative which allowed him to work on and launch the Sears/ web site business incubation in Boston, MA.

Since 2000, Trey has been working at as Creative Director and running a successful freelance business which operates as a complete ad agency.

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